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Hospital Management System

iHospital is one from the most successful HMS (Hospital Management System) with all required features to run a practice or hospital smoothly and hassle free. iHospital has become preferred choice for respective physicians, clinics, hospital and nursing homes. Having various integrated modules like Outpatient clinics, Inpatient, Radiology, Various Hospital Stocks, pharmacy, laboratory, Third Party Payer, invoices and Monthly Claims, it has everything a physician needs.

Patients Registration

1. Unlimited number of patient records (Medical records).

2. Customized medical records numbering based on admin config including alpha numeric & year of registration.
3. Family medical number link to control and measure families’ treatment.
4. Standard and comprehensive patients’ data saved on system.
5. Reports and statistics about registration process during a period of time.
6. Quick registration form includes only the main patient data to minimize the registration process.
7. The quick screen for patient form with the following fields (Full name + ID Number – Address)
8. Special case in the quick screen if it will be third party payroll (Companies and contracts) as it will accept scan for Social ID card
9. In case of in-Patient [future module] it will handle the full patient registration screen as it is now


Outpatient clinics

1. Reserving the appointment for the specified specialty and doctor, confirming the appointment payment.
2. Confirming the appointment payment with a printed receipt.
3. All the standard medical assessment either done by the Nurse before the appointment or by the doctor during the appointment.
4. Doctor screen for writing down the patient complains, diagnose and request any needed services including RAD, LAB or clinic services.
5. Full integration with all system modules i.e. billing, store, operations … etc.
6. Quick appointment reservation once previous step done without handle any calendar
7. ability to show all doctors schedule and times once the reception click on specific specialty
8. Number of patients per day will be configurable for each doctor


The patients and their families’ experience in the hospital are important. With this functionality manage and assign beds and charge for the duration of their stay.
* Bed Reservation
* Nurse desktop
* drug sheet and follow up schedule through the day
* Room Facilities
* Medical Surgeries
* Doctor follow up forms
* Pharmacy integration


1. Confirming the RAD request after completing the payment.
2. RAD test collects by the RAD technician.
3. RAD report templates to save all the possible templates in our system in order to minimize the time writing the report.
4. Writing the report by the RAD doctor with respect to the collected test by the technician.
5. Automatically sending the report back to doctor in order to check it during the patient re appointment


1. Confirming the LAB request after completing the payment.
2. LAB sample collects by the LAB technician.
3. Writing the values for the selected LAB properties which are previously saved on our system through the admin section.
4. Confirming the values by the LAB doctor.
5. Automatically sending the report back to doctor in order to check it during the patient re appointment.

Clinic Services

1. Doctor should have written on paper the list of medical devices/tools needed.
2. Also, there should be an employee in each floor to get the list from the patient and record it over the system, then gets the payment from the patient and confirm it through the system.
3. Confirmed devices/tools will be deducted automatically from the clinic store and the system will print two receipts for each operation, one for the employee and the other for the patient.
4. System will manage the standard store operation among each clinic store and the main hospital store.

Medical records

1. Managing patients’ medical records components for different patient’s visits to hospital
2. Patient physical files management and tracking
3. Ability to integrate with hospital website for secure patients’ records navigation

Pricing and contracting regulations

1. Unlimited number of price lists with unlimited options i.e. (family limits, visit limits, contract limit, bill item limit)
2. Abiltiy to restrict a certain service or a group of services for special customer approval.
3. Appointment fees is configurable per doctor.
4. Doctor fees percentage is configurable through the admin section as well.
5. Unlimited number of operation skill description.
6. Inpatient /outpatient packages complete setup with full integration with stores, pharmacies and service departments.
7. Separation between medications and medical supplies at floors, ICU supplies and operation room supplies depending on financial classes’ contract rate.
8. Ability to limit a certain operation bill item for a certain price list or customer keeping into consideration the patient’s share calculation rules when exceed limit.


1. Full Integration with all system modules
2. Reports and statistics for orders tracking and management.

Doctors Payroll

1. St. Takla can establish Doctor payroll based on achieved appointments done with putting in our consideration the doctor category ( specialist, Consultant or Professor) – also all deductions should be applied from the doctors percentage as St. Takla Rules
2. Appointment fees should be configured per doctor as well


1. Supporting all pharmacy standard stock operations
2. Multi unit support
3. Multi price lists (pricing policies)
4. Full Integration with all system modules
5. Supporting barcode features
6. Reports and statistics for stock control, transaction history …etc.


1. Treated as complete outpatient clinic cycle

Stock control

1. Full Integration with all system modules
2. Supporting all standard stock control operations
3. Unlimited numbers for dispense/purchase units for each item
4. Supporting barcode features


1. Full Integration with all system modules
2. Covering all standard collection, refunding and deduction transactions and rules.

Data analysis and Reports

1- Develop all statistical reports to present it for all top management levels
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